Corporate Rewards Ideas June 2021

Corporate Rewards Ideas June 2021

Time flies so fast. It seems just yesterday when we flipped the page to January of 2021. And now, it’s already a few days since June. Next thing you know, it’d be December and then we would be a few days from 2022. As a business owner, this could be a time when you are talking about checking on some of our business strategies. But instead of looking at the numbers, try to assess your style in a qualitative aspect. How are your employees doing? Are they happy with what they are doing? Are they productive? If the answer to those questions is no, we highly suggest you start looking into the concept of rewards as a way to remedy this since the impact of rewards on employee performance is simply outstanding. Below are some corporate rewards ideas for June 2021. 

Food Stubs

Salaries are great but it would be more fantastic if you could make your employees feel as if they are being treated to a fancy dinner. 

Admit it. We all dream of taking the entire family to something special some time. So, this could be a way for you to add value to your employee. You don’t even have to give this opportunity to all employees. You could reserve it for someone who has given the most value to you recently. 

Free Vacations

This might seem expensive but that is only the case if you don’t have a large network. Because if you do, you will be able to gain access to multiple vacation vouchers. And all, you have to offer in exchange is a marketing partnership. 

No worries, if you don’t have that just yet. You could make use of apps like Multikrd to help you with this. MUltikrd already has all the partnered brands and companies that you need to give your employees free vacations as a reward. All you have to do is to sign up with them and to use the app that they developed just for their clients. 

Public Acknowledgment

corporate rewards ideas

Words are really powerful. Just by simply congratulating one of your employees for a job well done, you will be able to boost the morale and motivation of that person to do good work. Do you know the best part? 

The rest of the team that gets to witness this acknowledgment also gets to become more motivated. Why not? Who wouldn’t want to be the next person to be called out by the boss in the next meeting and be congratulated for fantastic work. 

We all know that everyone envies the person who gets congratulated at the table of the board. 


Bonuses and other incentives are always a fine way to make employees smile. But do you know one other thing that is even better? We know we do. It is through making them feel important and appreciated. 

There is no better way to make employees feel important than through the old-fashioned means of leaving notes on their table. You don’t need to write a novel-long letter about how much you appreciate them. Just a simple thank you or have a great day note would surely leave them smiling for the rest of the day. 

What is your biggest takeaway from our corporate rewards ideas post? We would love to know in the comment section.

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