How An Employee Perk Program Can Contribute To Increased Motivation

Employee Perk Program Can Contribute To Increased Motivation

If you want your business to thrive, the best gift you can give yourself is a good and motivated team. This may sound simple enough but the truth is that it is not easy to look for people who are passionate and motivated at what they do. Most of the time, you will have no luck looking for such people. What you then need to do is to look for good people that you can train into motivated individuals. The best way to make that happen is through an employee perk program. 

We know that a lot of you may be wondering how an employee perk program is going to be of any help to this end. In this post, you are about to learn why. 

Employee Perks Are Not The Same As Salary

Yes, you do pay your employee to do their jobs. But that is the only purpose of a salary. As long as they are doing their jobs, then it is fine. You are not paying them to go the extra mile at their jobs. That is something that employees do at their own discretion. 

So, what is one way to get them to this? You most certainly won’t make it happen by asking them to do so. Instead, you do it through an employee benefits program

When you give employees perks that they don’t expect, it feels sort of like a reward. With that, they become more motivated with what they do. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to be the one to motivate them. Due to the constant, perks that your employee receives, they are the ones who motivate themselves. When there is an intention to become motivated and to be productive, you can bet that there will be good results. 

Employees Get Their Wants

You may be wondering where all of this is coming from but let me explain. When you give someone their salary, most of the time, they have to spend it all on their needs. 

Let’s face it. 

The salary is almost always just enough for employees to get by. Most of the time, they have a lot of their wants and desires unchecked. This may not seem too bad from your point of view but this could be one of the biggest reasons that some employees do not have a lot of motivation to work to the best of their capability. 

I mean, why should somebody feel so motivated to come to work when they cannot even set aside some money for their savings or if they cannot even buy the things they want. They cannot even afford to eat at a good restaurant. 

Even though people work to spend for their needs, we have to admit that it can be pretty tiring if you don’t get to enjoy yourself. There is more work than there are incentives. 

No matter what you do, the salary you give will never be enough. What you can do then is to focus on adding value to their life through an employee perk program. They will get rewards for their hard work. The kind of rewards that they will get includes a free meal to a restaurant, free travel opportunity, discounts to their favorite brands, and many more. 

With that, they will be able to enjoy their life. They don’t have to focus on just their work. While they can spend for their needs, they are also able to satisfy their wants and desires. 

Employees Will Be Surprised

employee perk program

The thing is when people have to keep doing the same thing over and over again, things can get boring. And inevitably, if things are already boring, your employees will most certainly lack motivation. 

All of a sudden, people aren’t as excited about going to work as before. Well, the good thing about having an employee perk program is that there is an element of surprise for what kind of reward employees will get when they hit a certain milestone at work. 

Since there is that element of surprise, employees will be more willing to put themselves on the line. Moreso, they will also be an intention to become more motivated with what they do. 

That is just the magic of surprise. 

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