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Multikrd helps you reward your employees!

Why Multikrd?

  • Complete transparency – Multikrd has no hidden fees, point breakage, or markup fees.
  • Seamless and easy-to-use platform – Multikrd makes it so much easier for businesses to distribute employee incentives and for employees to redeem corporate rewards and perks
  • Employees get wage access as well as cashbacks on their current salary
  • Companies will receive over 1.2 million promotions from 800,000 retailers nationwide.
  • Multikrd experience can be tailored based on unique preferences of the company
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Multikrd is modular by design. You can customize your corporate perks and rewards based on how you want employees to be incentivized. Employees can access the platform both on the web as well as through an android or iOS app.

We offer 2 engagement plans and packages. Your company can enjoy our Multikrd packages for free with limited perks and incentives. We also have a licensing plan that enables you to take advantage of our complete employee engagement package.

Your employees will get big discounts on groceries, travel, restaurants, clothing, vacation, cars and more. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Multikrd has more corporate rewards and incentives in its arsenal to offer your employees. The best part is that, you too, can have a say on the personalized and customized rewards you want to distribute.

Your employees will have maximum satisfaction and engagement. And you know what they say about happy employees – they perform at their best. It’s a win-win situation for the company and the staff.