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staff rewards program

Do not think of a staff rewards program as something for your employees. Think of it as a kind of strategy that you will be investing in for your business. After all, the more you make your employees feel appreciated and part of something bigger, the more they will be willing to work at a higher standard. When that happens, nothing can stop your company from scaling. 

What Is A Staff Rewards Program?

A staff rewards program is a short event where a company or organization shows appreciation and acknowledgment to its employees. 

Each company has quality standards that employees are expected to live up to. All of this is done for the sake of keeping the company’s operations going. Even though these things seem so straightforward, employees have to exert a lot of time and effort to get things done. And they do deserve a bit of acknowledgment. 

Employees deserve more than just acknowledgment. They deserve a boss who is willing to help make their quality of life better. 

That is what you are being enticed to do with a staff rewards program. When you host a staff rewards program,  you will be selecting candidates that have provided the most quality contribution to the company. And then, of course, you will be acknowledging them but it is not just that. Aside from the kind words, you also need to give them something, a reward that is a bit unique. It should be something that will sort of improve the quality of life of your employees. 

Now that we’ve gotten the definition of terms out of the way, it is time to proceed with what you can do to make your staff rewards program successful. 

How To Make Your Staff Rewards Program A Success

staff rewards program

Read on for some of our best practices when it comes to hosting a staff rewards program:

Rewards Should Be Meaningful

With regards to giving meaningful rewards, the last thing you want to give them a reward that is already for one group. 

You should not be thrifty in making your employees feel appreciated. By giving them separate and individual gifts and rewards, you make your attempt to make them feel appreciated more genuine and authentic. 

And most importantly, try to appeal to the person’s likes and interests. Money is not the only way to make people feel appreciated. 

This is where the importance of building rapport with your team comes in handy. You need to be sort of friendly with your team. That way, when there is a chance that you need to award them for something, you will know what they will appreciate. 

Track Employee Rewards

A staff rewards program is something that you need to measure. But think about it. You can’t measure something that you are not keeping track of. Because of that reason, you should make it a habit to track employee rewards. 

You should look for rewards that your employees will appreciate but the effort should not stop there. You need to have a system where you can track everything. 

Rewards are not only given to by employees by default. This is a business tactic that will only benefit you if you do it right. 

Rewards need to be earned. Hence, you need a system where you can track the achievements of each employee. This is a need where Multikrd comes in handy. 

Multikrd is a business solution that offers you an app where you can track the contributions of all of your employees. 

Each time an employee makes a great contribution to the company, he will earn points and these points can be exchanged for unique rewards

Some examples are a free meal, cashback, additional bonus from salary, free destination trip, and many more. 

Take note that these are rewards that you can customize. All you have to do is to meet with the team virtually and then discuss what your needs are. Multikrd will curate a solution based on what will suit your objectives and the nature of business best. 

Rewards Should Be Tied To Contribution

We make it seem that when an employee receives a bonus, it is because of the good work that he has done. But that is not always the case. 

Most of the time, employees are entitled to benefits and bonuses regardless of how big or how small their contributions are. 

It is not that we are against this rule but we only want to emphasize the need to create exclusive rewards for people who earned it. 

It is your job to set a system of standards that employees should follow. Make it clear to them how this kind of standard impacts the company. 

If they make the cut, they will receive unique incentives. Due to this kind of reward system, all of your employees will be encouraged to do their best work. You don’t have to get mad at them or yell at them just to get them to become productive. 

Let Employees Reward Each Other

The boss needs to reward his employees but at the same time, it is also important for employees to show appreciation for each other. 

We recommend that you start a small event every once in a while where each employee will give a little token of appreciation to an employee of his choice. 

It feels good to have your boss appreciate you but having your coworkers show that you care and that you appreciate what they contribute to the company will make people feel that they are making an impact, not just in the company but also in the lives of others people. Hence, good work will be encouraged within the company. 

Final Takeaway

Keeping employees happy through a staff rewards program can benefit your business in the long haul. It is through valuing the contribution of your employees that you will be able to set the foundation for growth sustainability and scalability. 

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