How To Keep Employees Happy

how to keep employees happy

“How to keep employees happy” – it’s a phrase that is rarely in the books when it comes to handling a business. But it most certainly should be. As business owners, we have the tendency to assume that as long as we pay our employees sufficient salaries, then they’d be glad to do good work for us. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. At least, not anymore. It might have been the case in the past but recent studies show that employees have grown altruistic when it comes to their job. Not only do you have to make sure that your employees are well-paid but you also need to ensure that they are satisfied working for you. Now, how do you do that? Here are some pointers on how to keep employees happy:

Recognize Progress

Even the relationship of a business owner and an employee is typically transactional, you would be surprised how much it would positively impact your people if you take a bit of effort to recognize and appreciate them every once in a while. 

It is sort of a domino effect. If your employees saw that you are making an effort to be grateful for their contributions in the company and then they would be motivated to keep up the good work. You never know. There are employees who know how to take their work to the next level. And one way to activate this is by showing these employees that you care. 

Make People Feel That They Belong

This is something that we all want wherever we are in life. You may be paying your employee right. You could even be giving them extra incentives. But these things won’t have value as far as employees are concerned if they are not happy within the workplace. What will it take to keep them happy? 

You have to make sure that everyone is getting along well. Not only that, it is also your responsibility to make people feel that they have at least one friend. The feeling of camaraderie makes people want to give their best at something and that’s exactly the kind of attitude that will help your business succeed. 

But how you’re going to build this kind of environment within the workplace is the problem. You can start by making sure that everyone has equal opportunities. By removing toxic competition, employees will have more reason to help one another than to try and one up each other. 

Get To Know Your Employees

Helping your employees make friends is one way to make them feel they belong but ultimately, the feeling of belonging will happen if you build rapport with them. 

So, the next time your employees don’t just initiate short talk with them. Take the time to ask them about their personal life. Try to get to know them on a deeper level. 

The initiation could be as simple as asking your employees what their favorite coffee brand is. Who knows? You may have something in common with your employees. The next time you see them, you could even invite them to coffee before their shift. That’s one way to bond with them. 

The good thing about building rapport with your employees is that they will feel comfortable to voice their concerns with you. This is a good thing because you don’t have to wait for certain issues to get worse before you are able to address them. 

They will also be more open to you about their suggestions about what will make the business thrive. 

When you are able to build this kind of comfort, we can assure you that many of your other business friends will be envious. It’s not everyday that you have someone in the office who is actually working for the benefit of the company and not just to get a paycheck. 

Try To Improve Their Life

happy employee

Okay, so how on earth are you going to do that? We have a simple solution. Why not try to incorporate incentives that your employees will actually find handy. 

Let’s say incorporate a rewards system wherein employees can exchange their credit for a free day at the spa or maybe a dinner with the family at a fancy restaurant. Perhaps, the credits could be exchanged for travel funds for a certain destination. 

This may sound expensive but you’d be surprised how cost effective this would be compared to having to constantly lose employees due to low employee satisfaction mechanisms. Keeping your employees happy through these types of incentives is far cheaper than having to keep up with the constant salary raise that employees would typically ask for once they are searching for good reasons to stay at your company. 

Look at it this way. If employees are happy in their personal life, they are most likely to contribute well within the company. In contrast, if people aren’t happy in their personal life, they are bound to carry the bitterness as they waltz to the workplace. 

Encourage Exercise and Sleep

Do not overwork your employees at all costs. Your employees make up a very important aspect of your business. You need to invest in employees accordingly. 

If you need more work to be done, you may have to hire some temporary workers but make sure that your employees are well-rested. 

You should encourage them to keep healthy by getting enough rest and making time for exercise. But the only way for your recommendation to hit home is if you were to show your enthusiasm for it through action – that is by assigning them work that is tantamount to their work hours. 


Knowing how to keep employees happy is a wisdom that no business owner should take for granted. It may sound trivial but in truth, it is one of the basic foundations of a healthy and thriving business. If it is not solid ground, your business might fall at some point. But if you are able to keep steady in keeping employees happy, you could achieve exponential growth in the long haul. 

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