How To Retain Customers In Your Small Business

how to retain customers

When you have a small business, it is not just important to know how to make money work for but it is also vital that you know how to retain customers. One may think that you only need to make more and more customers. But this isn’t something you can count on. First of all, making new customers is pretty rare. You cannot count on it to make money. What we recommend for you to do is to make sure that you are retaining customers. This means your customers are loyal to you. It means that if a customer comes to you for the first time, he better come for a second and third time. If you can satisfy your customers this way then you have a business. In this post, we are going to talk about how to retain customers in simple ways. 

Make Sure That Your People Have Work-Life Balance

It can be tempting to fill your employees’ plate with a lot of things, especially if there are lots of deadlines coming up.

Our thinking is simply that if we get a lot of things done, more customers will be happy. But it is not about the quantity of the world but the quality. 

For one thing, if your employees will be more focused on the quantity, they will not have the luxury to take enough time to work on the efficiency of their work. 

But that’s not the worse case just yet. 

In the long haul, if your employees work like this, they will eventually get burned out and their job will be more affected than ever before. 

It will show in their output. If the quality of the work was not good in the past, you can bet that things are about to get worse now that your employees have already been burnt out. 

If you want to learn how to retain customers, the first thing you need to do is to give them the right balance of work. Maybe just assign them a maximum of three tasks a day depending on how difficult the task is. As long as there as proper deadlines for the tasks, we can tell you that things will work out like a charm. 

Recognize Employees

If you pay your employees right then they will surely do their job but the question is how well they will be doing their job. 

Take note that the most important thing is that the job to be done will be done in the best way. If you want that kind of outcome, you need to be an expert in motivating people. 

Motivating them every once in a while is okay but it is not pretty effective in getting people to be more productive and efficient at what they do. You want your people to take their work to the next level but this is not something that you can just ask from them. But you must earn it. You get to earn it when you can make your people feel special. 

And by making them feel special, I mean making them feel that they are part of a big mission and that they are not just going to work for the sake of getting a paycheck. 

You need to recognize them in public. When someone does a good job, do not skip the chance to be able to give them the acknowledgment in public where their other coworkers can hear. 

This will boost the confidence of the employee and will encourage them to keep on continuing the good work. Sometimes, it will even encourage them to the work up a notch. It is certainly one of the best ways on how to retain customers because if your people are enthusiastically doing their job, it will reflect on their output and the party that benefits from this the most other than the business are the customers. 

Employees Should Be Rewarded

how to retain customers

It is good to give people certain bonuses but that is not what we are talking about here. Bonuses are for the entire staff. But unique rewards let you give importance to select people who have been contributing a great deal to the company. 

What you can do first of all is to select a rewards system like Multikrd. This makes the rewarding system is automated. And then you can set standards that when an employee reaches a milestone he will earn reward points. 

When this happens, he will be able to exchange the points for something nice. The reward could be a lot of things. It could be a ticket to an event, a free trip to a much-awaited destination. Perhaps, it is free to access a fancy dinner with the family. You would mostly be able to decide what rewards you would want to include in the system. But that’s the default that you could expect in the rewards system. 

The point is that when people are given this kind of unique reward, they will want to motivate themselves to work better. 

This is because if they do a good job, there is something that they will get in return. With that, you don’t need to actively motivate them to do their best. Or to go beyond what their best is. Instead, they will be inclined to motivate themselves. This is because they will be excited about the rewards. 


Knowing how to retain customers seems like a difficult job. But that’s only if you don’t know what makes customers tick. 

By creating a system around keeping employees happy, you will in turn be able to move towards the happiness of customers as well. It is a pretty simple concept. Your employees practically run your entire firm. With that, if they are unhappy, you can just guess what kind of service they will offer customers. But if you keep them happy, you can also predict what kind of outcome they will be able to provide your customers.

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