Ideal Reward Ideas To Show Appreciation Towards Remote Employees

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Even though employee appreciation has already become a cliche in the business world, it still remains to be one of the most important factors in employee retention. It’s worth noting that showing employee appreciation is most difficult in the office space. And then pandemic came along which brought to the rise of remote work. Many people thought that this would make employee appreciation a lot easier and to our surprise, it became even more challenging. 

So, in this post, we’ll provide 5 unique ideal reward ideas that you can recycle in your own company to show appreciation to your people who are working remotely. 

1. Give Your People Office Equipment

You might think that work equipment is pretty ordinary, that everyone would just have them lying around at home. But you’d be surprised. Not all people have that kind of luxury. 

Sure, your employees would be thrilled knowing that you’re going to let them work from home. No one really wants to get too exposed these days due to the current threat of the pandemic on our physical health. 

But at the back of their minds, there will also be a sense of worry. They’ll worry that purchasing their own equipment would mean that they won’t have enough budget for groceries and other basic necessities. 

So the best thing you can do for your people is to let them take home some of the equipment that they use in the office. You don’t really have to give it to them. You can just lend it to them for the meantime while there isn’t any means of working in the office. 

Or by the goodness of your heart, you can give them the office equipment as a gift or an ideal reward for all the good work they’ve been doing for years. 

2. Let Them Take A Long Weekend

The thing about working remotely is that there is barely a separation between personal time and work time. Back when everything was still normal, people usually worked at the office and rested at home. 

But since this worldwide pandemic broke loose, everyone had to stay at home regardless of whether it is office hours or bedtime. Sometimes they do their work in the kitchen. Other times, they do it in their bed.

But things can get so out of hand. At one time, one of your employees could be typing a report and before you know it, he’s watching his favorite show in the living room. What started out as a quick break turned into massive procrastination. Before you know it, your employee only has 2 hours of workday to go and he still has a lot of work in his hands. Now, he has no choice but to work until evening. Sometimes, he’ll have to sacrifice sleep just to finish his tasks. And things will repeat the next working day, and then the next, and then the next, until your employee is famished. 

Letting your employees take a long weekend is such an ideal reward because it gives them the time to unwind and start their schedule over. 

Now they know the consequences of making a wrong move while working at home, they know that they need to set a proper schedule that will make the work setup more sustainable in the long run. Without at least three days rest, your employees would have very little time to prepare for their new work schedule. 

3. Discounts On Takeout & Food Delivery

We’re not all fantastic cooks. As a matter of fact, most of our employees here at Multikrd are big fans of lunch outs. Nothing feels better than just sitting at a table and waiting for your favorite beef steak or burger to be served. 

Of course, as a remote worker, this isn’t a luxury your people will have. Since not a lot of people adapt very well to working from home, you can expect that most of your remote workers would have a pretty hectic schedule. Some of them would probably have time to cook but most of them would most likely choose to buy takeout or go for food delivery. 

Just think about what an ideal reward it would be if you could give your employees discounts on their food deliveries or even takeout. 

If your company is tied with food preparation, it would be relatively easy for you to partner with other food-focused companies giving you the ability to give coupons to your remote workers. 

On the other hand, there are ideal reward programs out there like Multikrd that you can work with so that you can provide these wonderful incentives to your team. 

4. Give Them A LinkedIn Recommendation

Giving your employees incentives and corporate rewards is one way to retain good people but that’s just one part of the entire equation. The thing is if you really have a good management system in place, you’d have very little to worry about in terms of employee retention. 

Yet, we know that there are companies that are hesitant to give LinkedIn recommendations in fear of losing an employee. LinkedIn recommendations may be simple but they can boost a person’s professional profile in wonderful ways especially if the recommendation came from an immediate supervisor. 

We believe that LinkedIn recommendations are such an ideal reward to certain employees. Just think about it. It will only take you a few minutes to write this recommendation but your employee will read it and so will other people. This will boost the morale of that certain employee. 

If you have a good company with corporate incentives that improves the lives of your people, not even a hundred other companies could take your employees away from you. 

As a matter of fact, if you have good management, a LinkedIn recommendation would even boost your employee’s dedication and commitment to your company even more. This is because the employee will feel how much he means to the company. 

5. Send Them A Spa Care Package

Time for relaxation is most especially needed in these times of pandemic. Employees are most likely stressed out on a day-to-day basis. Just one simple gesture will not only give them rejuvenation that they need to continue delivering high-quality work but it will also entice them to invest more of their skills and capabilities on the company. 

The great thing about spa care packages is that it’s something that you’d send to a friend. If you get this package, you really wouldn’t expect it to come from the company you work for. The gift hits you differently and that’s just the kind of impact that you want to send across your team if you want to increase employee retention. 

These 5 ideal reward ideas is just a starting point for you to give more appreciation to your remote workers. Don’t be afraid to explore more ideas outside of this list. Remember that regardless of whether it’s a pandemic or not, your employees rely on you to uplift their spirits during times of work challenges. Don’t let them down and they’ll do the same for you. 

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