How To Improve Employee Retention Rate Through Performance Rewards

Employee Retention Rate Through Performance Rewards

Let’s face it. Without your employees, where would your company be right now? Probably nowhere. If your company was able to achieve anything, it is only through the help of your employees. Even though you are paying your employees to do their job, you are practically just helping one another. Getting people to staff your company seems simple enough but getting the top talents that can contribute the most to your business can be one hell of a job. That is why it is important to take the ones that you have in your company. But sometimes, employee retention rate is easier said than done. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can improve your retention rate through performance rewards. 


You’d want your employees to be motivated. You do what you can to motivate them but motivating people is not your job. You wish that they would just be motivated on their own. But it is not happening. 

Can you think of a way that your employees will be able to motivate themselves with or without you? We know the answer to that. It is as simple as rewarding employees

Think about it. You might think that you are already rewarding your employees through the salary that you pay them but that is not the case for the employees. If you want to motivate them, there must be something in this business that should motivate them to do what you want. 

If they have some kind of goal in mind each time a new task pops up, you can bet that they would be more motivated to get it done right even if you don’t tell them. 

That is where performance rewards come in. Let’s say that you have a new client. And your employee says that if I do well in this project, I will surely get some performance rewards for it. Wouldn’t that be great? If we put it this way, having performance rewards in place benefits the employee and you. 

Personal Mission

Let’s face it. People don’t work at companies just to earn a living anymore. They want to contribute something more to the community. But it is hard to focus on making a contribution if all you can think about is how you can make your salary meet your expenses. 

By helping your employees meet their ultimate goal which is to work for their personal mission, you will help them become more motivated and efficient within the company. 

It is one thing to work for a living and it is another thing to do what you do because you think that it matters. If your employees are at that level, you can bet that you will surely have employees that will not only give you work that your business will benefit from. But at the same time, you can bet that they will have plans to stay with you in the long run. 

To help your employees, achieve their personal mission, you have to put them in the kind of condition where they can work on it. The easiest way you can do that is through, of course, a better pay. But most importantly, performance rewards are also pretty necessary. 

Happy Life

performance rewards

If you want your employees to stay with you in the long run, there is only one requirement. They should be happy. For sure, if someone is happy, why would he leave? In the same light, if someone is unhappy, why would he stay? 

It is a pretty basic concept to understand when you are trying to retain your top talents. But how can you make your employees happy?

You can do so by making them feel important. That is the first requirement. To do that, a bit of help from performance rewards would be necessary. 

Does that make sense?

Everyone in the company has a salary. They all have bonuses once a year. If you look at it in that light, there is really nothing special about it. 

But your goal is to make your employees feel special. So what do you do? You give them something that is only given to people who have contributed to the company. That is the one way to make them feel special. 

What is more is that it will make them happy due to the additional benefits it adds to their life. Performance rewards like a free trip or free 5-star dinner will surely enable them to enjoy their life in  your company.

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