Reward and Recognition Survey Questions to Ask Your Employees

Reward and Recognition Survey Questions to Ask Your Employees

Seeking ways to provide more reward and recognition to employees is always a good idea. After all, high pay isn’t the only thing that matters for employees anymore. You need to keep them satisfied. You need to keep them happy within the company. If you can’t do that, you can be sure that you are going to lose most of your best talents. 

But even if you do need to up your game when it comes to your rewards system, you can’t just randomly guess what potential perks your employees are going to love and will make them want to give their best work. What we would recommend is to conduct a reward and recognition survey. Below are some sample questions that you can emulate in your own company:

Do You Feel That You Are Fairly Rewarded For The Work That You Do?

This seems like a fairly regular question but it is one that will give you a lot of insight into how effective you are in managing your people. 

Aside from giving you tips on how to better manage your people, this reward and recognition survey question will also give you some perspective on how to make top performers feel most welcome. 

Perhaps some employees answer in the survey that they would feel more rewarded if there was a free car service that can transport them back and forth from their house to the office. It could be as simple as that. 

You will have the opportunity to mull over the various suggestions that you will get and select only a few that you can implement at one time. But this strategy lets you effectively decipher the wishes of your employees. 

What Benefits Do You Think Will Make Your Work Easier Or The Work Of The Company As A Whole?

Employee happiness or employee satisfaction is not just about the convenience of your workers. It is not just about their materialistic happiness. 

If you really want to make sure that your employees are having a good time within the company, you need to invest some resources into ensuring that they are able to work conveniently as possible. 

Why? The reason is pretty simple. If the jobs of your employees were easier, they would have the chance to enjoy what they do as a living. 

And honestly, that is the best thing you could ever ask for in a work environment both on your end and on your employees’ end. 

If people are having fun, they are bound to exert additional effort and excel at what they do. You will have more productive employees if they are happy at work. 

Asking this particular reward and recognition survey question will allow you to look into the current struggles of your employees as far as work is concerned and will get suggestions as to what you can do to make it a lot better. 

Your employees will state what they want so that work will be easier for them. At the same time, you can also craft your own solutions. 

Maybe you just need to reward your employees with better quality desks or computers. Or other stuff like that. 

Do You Have A Clear Understanding At What You Can  Do With Your Work To Become More Rewarded? 

This is a very important question to ask your employees. Having rewards at their disposal is one thing but it won’t serve any use if no one is performing well enough to actually receive the said rewards. 

It won’t benefit your employees and it certainly won’t benefit you either. It will just look like you are stringing them along with potential rewards that they cannot even reach. 

Worst case, your people might even despise you for it. You don’t want that. So, what you should do is see to it that everyone is capable of performing according to your standards. Make it clear to them what they will get in return if they pass the mark. 

If most people in your company answer that they do not have a clear understanding of how they can perform up to a certain standard that will provide them with more benefits, that is a sign that you need to host some kind of orientation. 

Not only will this provide excitement for the team but at the same time, it equips your people with the necessary knowledge so that they can perform better making your rewards system more attainable to the collective. 

Do You Feel That Rewards Are Being Distributed Equally Within The Company?

ideal reward

When you implement a rewards system within the company, there are two extreme points. Your people could become extremely happy that they overperform. Not only do they receive rewards but they could become candidates for promotion as well. 

On the other end, the distribution of the rewards could be unequal. This means that there isn’t a lot of opportunities for everyone to perform at the right standard. Maybe out of a 100-employee company, there are only 10 or 15 people who actually benefit from the rewards. Well, we can assume that these people are the top performers. The regular workers are left behind. This will have a negative impact on the workforce. 

By asking this question to your employees, you will be able to mull over efficacy of your rewards program and conduct solutions to make it fair for everyone in the company. 

Do You Feel Value and Appreciated In The Company?

This yet another important question to ask your employees. You maybe giving them good salary and good rewards but nothing beats treating your employees right. 

On your end, you may think that you are treating everyone well enough but your intentions won’t be enough to keep employee satisfaction high. 

It would be best to inquire on how your employees are really feeling. When you implement a rewards program, majority of your employees could feel happy about it. But there will always be a group who will feel left out. 

Do not neglect this minority. It is important to find resolution to the group so that everyone feels happy within the workplace. 

What reward and recognition survey questions would you like to add to this list? Let us know in the comment section. 

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