Unique Rewards: How To Use It To Boost Employee Morale

unique rewards

Building a company is not just about hiring skilled employees and managing them well. A company cannot thrive on skills alone. If employees aren’t passionate about their work and aren’t emotionally invested into the company, you’re in trouble. This is why as a manager or maybe even a business owner, it is just as important to know how to boost employee morale through unique rewards. 

What Is Employee Morale?

You can think of employee morale as someone’s attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook towards his tasks during his association within an organization. 

You will know if someone does not have a good employee morale by way of how he performs his tasks or how well he gets along with his coworkers. 

Here’s an example of someone with a healthy employee morale:

Mark attends work early. He smiles and greets his coworkers as he enters the building. He cleans his desk and brews his cup of coffee as a morning ritual. Mark prepares his to-do list upon arriving at his desk and then finishes it all off as early as he came into the office. After lunch break, Mark has plenty of free time which he uses to look at the aspects of the business that he is responsible for, tries to locate potential blindspots and prepares solutions to address them furthering the pace of the company’s growth. 

The rest of the staff is glad to have him because his willingness to stay ahead of his tasks proves to be helpful to other employees as well. 

Now, this is what someone with a “not so good” employee morale looks like:

RJ goes to work a minute before his shift, is in a hurry to time in and gets ready for work that he has no time to wave at his coworkers or pass a smile. RJ has little time to craft a to-do list and so proceeds to the first task that crosses his mind. 

Anxious to get work done, he is forced to multitask all the way. RJ finishes all the tasks around 3 pm and uses the rest of his shift to chill and to congratulate himself for completing his tasks. He logs off from work at 5 pm. 

He logs in for his shift the following day at the same time as he did yesterday and was greeted by a manager telling him that he needs to redo his work due to a lot of errors that he overlooked in his previous output. This delay not only means that his monthly objectives need to be readjusted but it also means that coworkers he closely works with will be affected as well because they have to wait for his work to be revised before these coworkers can proceed. 

Some people will say that the difference between RJ and Mark is the skillset. Mark is simply more skilled than RJ. but studies show that situations like this actually have something to do more with employee morale than skillset. 

That being said, it makes a lot of sense that boosting employee morale becomes one of the most significant roles management can play in a company. 

How Can You Boost Employee Morale?

Mediocre companies would usually try to boost employee morale through the following:

  • Communicating clearly and doing it often
  • Being transparent
  • Giving appreciation through public recognition

While these methods are actually effective in boosting employee morale, there is one more thing that you can do to take your strategy to the next level and that is through the use of unique rewards. Here 3 strategic ways to boost employee morale through unique rewards:

1. Use The Right Technology

Over the years technology has helped make people’s lives become easier, from cars, computers, cooking supplies, and now employee gratification. 

Programs like Multikrd helps you reward your employees instantly and in numerous ways. You can give them cash benefits based on their own salary. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a penny. It’s all part of the service plan that you’ve had with Multikrd. You’ll be able to give them coupons, discounts, free meals, access to top travel destinations, and many more. So not only will you be giving them a good salary package but your unique rewards offerings will also help improve the quality of their lives. 

2. Offer Advanced Training

Your employees aren’t just timing in and out of the office for a paycheck, contrary to popular belief. Most employees who are consistent with the quality of their work are actually after long-term professional growth. 

Not a lot of companies give people the chance to grow on a professional level. So, if you’re offering advanced training that they would have to pay for if they were to voluntarily seek out the training materials, then this would serve as one of the most wonderful unique rewards for your employees. 

3. Train Managers With Employee Morale At The Center

Teaching managers how to do their job well is one thing but it’s also important that you integrate the importance of employee morale into their mindset. Otherwise, your managers would only strive to achieve the goals and objectives that the company is aiming for without giving a mind how their actions are impacting rank and file employees. 

Giving unique rewards to employees will not have a lasting effect if your managers aren’t pushing your vision forward. After all, to show that you value employee morale, you not only have to be generous towards providing unique rewards but you also need to show that you value your people through how you treat them. 

The moment you recognize that the majority of your employees have particularly low morale, it’s time to take action. Waste no time because regardless of the skillset of your team, if they have low employee morale, you can expect that your company will still be moving at a downward spiral. Look at our entrepreneurial leaders today like Ray Dalio, Simon Sinek, Robin Sharma, and many more. They all prioritize teaching the right mental training over mastering a certain skill set. 

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