What Makes A Good Employee

good employee

As a business owner, what’s the one thing you wish for? Better sales? More customers? Some of you would say that you wish for a more scaled business. 

But do you know that there is a way for you to attain all of those things? 

The industry secret is to have a good employee. The more good employees you have, the higher your chance of business success will be. 

A good employee will always walk the extra mile for the sake of making more sales, making customers happy, and making sure that operations run efficiently so that you make the most out of your business. 

With that, the only question that remains is what makes a good employee. Read on to find out. 

Employees That Are Appreciated

Just because your employees are given good pay is not enough for them to give you the best work. After all, when you give them their wage, what you are really paying for is their time. 

But it’s another story if the employee has to exert additional effort to improve the operation of the company. 

We’ve worked with so many people for years that we can conclude that most people usually wouldn’t start being emotionally invested in a job just because they got a promotion or a raise. 

What people really care for is how fair they are being treated. When we say fair, we aren’t just talking about fairness in terms of talking about being fair in terms of opportunities. 

Rather, we are talking about how much appreciation you give your people for good work. Make it a point to say thank you to your employees whenever they do a wonderful job. 

As a matter of fact, don’t stop there. Give appreciation to people just for exerting an effort. This will encourage them to repeat the act in the future. 

By giving people appreciation, you will be able to create a work culture that centers on high-quality work and walking an extra mile for the company. 

Employees Are Rewarded

It is rarely enough to keep a good employee the way he is by giving him verbal appreciations. 

If you want people to think that the appreciation is sincere then it should come in all directions. This means that aside from the verbal appreciation that you give your people, you should also give them some ideal rewards such as a day at the spa, a free meal voucher, free access to a travel destination, and many more. 

Of course, spending all of these things all on your own can be quite costly. And yet, this is the kind of investment that is necessary if you want to train your team in a way that is for the greater good of the organization. 

What we recommend is that you enroll in a rewards program so that you are able to provide your employees with customized reward opportunities for everyone at the most affordable cost. 

Each milestone that they hit will be converted into points that they can then exchange for rewards so they can get something nice for themselves. 

It is an excellent way to motivate people. 

They Have Doable Jobs

What do we mean by that?

Surely if you have to pay someone to do something then this means the job requires a bit of skill and expertise. 

But you can ask any relative or friend of yours that works for a company and they would tell you that their job could have been easier. 

Most of the time, jobs are made difficult due to a lack of a proper system or organization.

Maybe you don’t have to get your team a new camera or a new computer. But doing so would be a wonderful investment because of two things. 

One, your employees will have the chance to love their jobs and perform better. And then two, the turnaround time for tasks will be a lot faster.  

That is a lot better than having to pass on opportunities to upgrade your equipment and then pressuring people to turn in a task at a certain time. 

Not only will this result in poor performance but it can also make your best people want to look for another company to work for. 

Getting good equipment is not the only way to keep a good employee. You can also create easy-to-follow systems so that all the work is systemized. Make people’s jobs as easy as you can. 

If you don’t make the work too difficult, you will give them a chance to make the most of it. You will be the one to benefit from this the most since this will reflect on how good the company performs. 

Good Work-Life Balance

This isn’t something you can control but it would be a good idea if you can constantly encourage your workers to have time for their personal life. 

When we say encourage, we don’t just mean through words. You could have messages about work-life balance plastered all around the office. But what would make things even better is if you only assign work that is doable. 

Do give people too much work because this will lead to them having to work overtime. The question is how do you avoid this. When you are operating a company, it is almost impossible to prevent new tasks from coming in because it’s part of how businesses make money. 

What you can do is become really good at prioritization. You can set a priority degree of each set of tasks and then schedule when they should be done accordingly. 

Make it a point to give employees a buffer time so that they can focus on the quality of the work. And don’t be afraid to hire new people when necessary. One of the best investments you could possibly make is on your people. You will benefit from it a whole lot more than asking existing employees for overtime because in the long-run they may not be able to provide you with good work. 

Did we miss anything? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 

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